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Reading and understanding all this is extremely important.

I want to point out We are a English speaking Guild Based out of the US. We have people who want to Casually raid, people who are really seriously about raiding. People who PVP or people who just want to chill and hang out.

1. All Raiders are required to download and install Teamspeak3.

2. Raiders need to be 30 min early in Teamspeak and online ready for a group invite. (obviously there are some exceptions let the raid host know).

3. Unless you let the Raid host know you cant make it. We will assume you are going to show up for your designated Group Raid, Time and Day. (Host Not online? Sending in game mail isn't hard). Yes emergency's do come up understandable. But Consistently being late or not showing up is NOT acceptable. Yes we all do have lives out side of a video game just don't make commitments you cant fulfill. If 9/10 people or 24/25 people show up to raid together you are letting those people down it is as much of a commitment as any other plans.

4. When Raiding with any outsiders please be respectful and professional. remember everyone we are all here to have fun.

5. Purposely ninja pull a Boss you will be Loot Ban. If you did pull fess up mistakes happen.

6. Do not blame someone, Mistakes happen. Remember we are a team we progress together we fail together.

7. When someone is explaining a fight on Teamspeak please remain quiet until they are finished.

8. During a Boss fight please do not make noises or talk when people are calling things out.

9. During Guild Raids Each Member is only allowed to Win 1 Token unless no one else needs.

10. No one is allowed to pug people who have left the guild in our guild runs. (unless authorize by BM Management).

11. If you are pulled into a Core Group Raid Core Members Main Character has Gear Priority So If you need the same item they Need they will have priority.

Please When Doing Full Guild Raids Use the Dedicated Raid Channels In Teamspeak.

Please understand for raiding you need to have a good understanding of your class as-well as being properly geared. We do not want to be carrying you.

Once you have proven yourself and carried your own weight we have no problem helping you gear alts you have in the guild. Honesty and Loyalty go a long way.

You must completely fill out this application to the best of your ability! If you don't know something (HINT) Look it up watch videos learn the fights. Do not get upset if your application gets denied a reason will follow.

Please List your Alts and there Spec's and GS where its stated below. It might be that your Main Character might not be the class or spec we are looking or in need for at the time being. But you might have a decently geared alt we could use.

Not following these rules above can or may result in a removal from our Core Group, Raiding Groups or Guild.

Note: If you cant take criticism well this is not the place for you.

Thank you,


I asked one of my Officers Dasuna to help and make some rules and Guidelines which every one must follow when raiding.

Dasuna's Guide on Raid Etiquette

Hello all,
I this guide as a precaution to a problem that shouldn't exist.
As a quick background on me - I am a former raid leader of a realm first hardcore progression guild from retail. Look up "Summit" on Drenden... they may even still be around. I have the sense of humor of a 10 year old too, nothing is funnier then farts, boners, gays, and even black people!
With that said folks - there is a balance that needs to apply to raids!
When our guild raids we have a diverse collection of people ranging from adult's with families, younger folks still in high school, to burnout stoners who are most likely higher then wiz kalifa at a snoop dog concert in Colorado.
We welcome all of these people to raid.
I simply ask, respect the fact that these people all have different circumstances to play WoW - even on a free server.
I personally only get a few hours a week to play. Some folks are playing at 3am local time to help. Some folks only get to play in between a double shift at work and the sleep they are giving up to play.
Please consider and observe these guidelines while raiding with Backyard Militia:
• Don't ninja AFK during raids! Just tell someone "hey, stuff came up". If possible try and continue your roll while finding a replacement.
• Don't rock the boat with the raid leader! Remember a raid leader has to play his class and look at up to 24 other people too. LET THEM LEAD. Don't ninja pull - Don't bark out instructions - Don't /yell things - Don't put on a pair of pants you are not asked to be wearing.
• Don't impede other people learning! This means try to keep raid and team speak clear while explanations are being offered. Don't go all Hitler on people who are trying things for the first time. Encourage a good environment for all 24 other people to get the job done.
• Have a pseudo professional attitude while raiding. We are a casual guild, but again remember some people are there helping YOU get gear and raid. Imagine you are trying to help someone with anything in life only to have them ignore you, talk over you, and take you for granted - not very nice eh?
• SHOW UP! Bring your "A" game to everything we do as a guild. I do. Our guild leader does. Unless its known that you are being carried for whatever reason, push your character!
• Keep what makes our guild a fun place to be active. Your personality, skill, sense of humor, and presence are always welcome inside and outside of raid. Remember this; I wouldn't wear a strap-on underneath my shorts to work so it looks like a have an all day boner, yet all of my coworkers still know I have a sick twisted sense of humor. Find your happy medium.


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