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Please be aware: certain addons may show themselves as marked "out of date", this is to be expected, this will also occur with clients such as Curse/Forge client. Simply check the "load out of date" addons and the corresponding modules will be loaded, with no issues. (If some error does occur, I assure you it is like inter-addon related and not due to them being outdated, as all links here are up to date for this version of the game)
PS: Some addons have special, Warmane specific and or custom versions available, I will provide links where available, use them at your own discretion.
Disclaimer: Most links are to Changelog landing pages. This allows the viewing of changes for the desired update, as well as easily navigatable paging between detailed information for each addon as well as other information. The majority of links will have a download available directly placed onto the changelog landing page. Make sure you are downloading the necessary update, if you navigate too far away from the given link, close the tab and simply go back to this page.
Raiding/General PVE

Semi-modular user display offering information of an encounter in two formats; per individual encounter or overall data for a specific time frame.

Similar to Recount, offers more detailed and far more accurate information in regards to healing and related information.

Deadly Boss Mods:
Otherwise referred to as "DBM", general raid utility offering information during encounters in the form of raid-wide warnings in both audio and visual formats. Highly customizable.

Omen Threat Meter:
Modular data display relating to how much "Threat" each individual is building when targeting a mob.

General Utility

Highly customizable alternative to the traditional raid interface.

Guild invite utility to replace the in game calendar invite system.

Razer Action Bars:
Intended for use with RazerNaga gaming mice, works fine without it. Offers special utility wherein the addon manually replaces traditional key-binds for mice with number keys.

Enables click casting and hover casting.

Enables an automated fix for combat log breaks within the game.

Visual representation of cool-downs as well as additional settings.

Carbonite: (Direct Link, please look the addon up prior to downloading for detailed information)
Overhaul addon involving greatly detailed information for nearly every quest, item and general "upgrade" to the wow experience. Please look up the addon itself for further information.

Simplifies the use of de-curse abilities for all classes able to do so.


Full chat interface overhaul, time-stamps, copy/paste features and more.

Wow Instant Messenger:
Alternative to Prat as some players have LuA errors stemming from Prat.

Offers an extend use of the ignore function, a literal Blacklist.

Alternative to Prat.

Extensive informational addon in regards to items from current content allowing the user to view which class would most benefit from the item.

Player Interface

Minimap overhaul, highly customizable.

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