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I will do my best to review each video in order to confirm tactics used for the encounters.

Disclaimer: Not all of the encounters found on Warmane are up to par with what would be experienced on retail servers, of even other private servers. Guides will be posted regardless of their intended target audience (private/retail) solely based on their integrity on Warmane itself. An addendum will be added below guides that are best suited for the encounter if they require alternative methods to better suite our server.

I cite TankSpot guides as my primary source.

You should always follow PROPER tactics. If they do not apply to Warmane, deviate as necessary.

Most encounters are the same for all encounter modes, 10/25 heroic and normal. The general difference is increased add/damage/health/abilitiy frequency. Most heroic abilities do not work.

Wrath of The Lich King

Icecrown Citadel


General Guide:

Tactics: Generally on Warmane, the tanks position themselves to the right upon entrance of the room. Same idea just different positioning. Ranged should switch to spikes, all should avoid flames. Do not position yourself to end up in front of Marrowgar as he ends Bonestorm, his cleave is a serious threat when one or both healers are spiked at a bad time.
(These tactics are the same for 10 heroic, 25 normal and 25 heroic. The only difference is frequency of Bone-Spike Graveyard, Bonestorm and the amount of damage the boss does. On heroic versions you have a maximum of three seconds to move from Coldflame without HoT's. Heroic versions tend to cause spikes within coldflame, a major hazard for all players.

Lady Deathwhisper

General Guide:

Tactics: Lady Deathwhisper will cast a mana shield upon herself upon engaging. In order to begin the boss encounter you must fully deplete her shield via damage while surviving the waves of adds from the left and right. The number of waves is dependent upon how much damage is being put onto her shield. There will always be one wave. Lady will periodically cast a shadowbolt spell causing damage, increasing with the encounter's difficulty. She will drop a death and decay periodically, as well. She will cast an additional spell on random targets known as Curse of Torpor, this ability will increase GCD on abilities by 15 seconds. Periodically, she will revive one of the adds that has been killed, Creating a Reanimated Adherent or Reanimated Fanatic. In her second phase the adds no longer spawn and she must be kited to avoid Dead and Decay. Touch of Insignificance will be cast on the primary threat target, reducing threat by 20% per stack. Finally, Vengeful Shades will be summoned periodically during phase 2 targeting and following a raid members, upon impact they will explode in a wide range AoE.

Heroic: More adds, faster casting speeds. Periodic mind-control on random raid members (25 man normal, as well). Phase 2: Adds will continue to spawn through the remainder of her encounter and must be handled promptly.
Adds: Cult Adherent, Cult Fanatics.

Adherent: Spell caster type that are 99% resistant to spell damage when reanimated.

Fanatics: Melee type that are 99% resistant to melee damage when reanimated.

Dark Transformation - Causes the caster to do 100% more damage.
Empowered Transformation - Grants new abilities and turning prior abilities into AoE abilities and immunity to interruption

Reanimated Fanatics: Able to use a self buff called Vampiric Might, +25% damage dealt, heals for 300% of damage dealt.

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Gunship Battle
Possibly one of the most controversial encounters within ICC itself, this is the first skill test for any raid.


I shall split the tactics into smaller subcategories, to provide more detail regarding class.


This encounter will require two tanks, (possible with one skilled tank, however they are already aquainted with how the mechanics of this fight occur).

MT - The MT (Main Tank) will always jump first - BEFORE the DPS. This is to ensure that he can get aggro (threat) on High Overlord Saurfang and pull him safely to the edge of the enemy gunship on the left.
Things to be aware of tanking High Overlord Saurfang are his 3 abilities:
  1. Battle Fury (buff) —Increases all damage done by 5%. Instant. 20 sec duration. +7% in 25-player mode
  2. Cleave (Melee) —Inflicts 120% of normal melee damage to an enemy and its nearest allies, affecting up to 3 targets. Instant (6 sec cooldown)
  3. Rending Throw (50,000 yd range) Confirmed—Throws your weapon at the enemy causing 3010 to 3990 weapon damage and an additional 2000 Physical damage every 3 sec for 18 sec. Instant

With Cleave being able to wipe out any dps that comes too close to the tank, its mandatory to keep Saurfang well out the way - as the Rending Throw and Battle Fury stack, Saurfangs damage on the tank with steadily increase to an unmanageable level.

So, you ask yourself, if these abilities will kill me the longer I stay on the gunship - when should I jump?
The accepted method usually involves jumping as soon as the enemy ship is alongside pulling the boss - letting the DPS kill all of the rocketeers (which will be expanded shortly) then AFTER the dps jump you jump - but note DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK ON SAURFANG YOU CANNOT DODGE, PARRY, OR BLOCK ATTACKS FROM BEHIND

OT - The Off Tank's job entails taking any mob that spawn on the Allied Ship.
Each of the Mobs have their own respective abilities (which I shall not list as frankly they are inconsequential) the OT's job is purely to hold aggro of the Boarding party and prevent them hitting upon healers and of course Muradin - Bronzebeard - as if you let him die you fail the encounter also.


The DPS's role involves jumping after the tank and wiping out the Rocketeers at every jump and Battle Mage (from the 2nd jump onwards) the Battle Mage is the priority as he's the one freezing the cannons, which do the most amount of DPS to the enemy gunship. After the Mage and Rocketeers are dead the dps should jump back promptly to assist the OT with the handful of mobs on the ally ship. Afterwards any ranged dps can spend time between jumps bringing down some of the Axethrowers - as left unkilled they will continue to spawn and stack.
The Mobs, should be killed as quickly as possible as the longer they are alive the greater experience they will gain - maining they will do more damage and increased damage speed. See the table below for details.

Title Damage Speed
[Experienced] — 30% 20%
[Veteran] — 60% 40%
[Elite] — 120% 80%


Healers have a tough time, and preferably one healer should dedicatedly healing the Main Tank (due to the large amounts of damage he's receiving).
Ideally healers stay on the edge of the alliance ship and cast between ships accordingly, ensuring the two people who are receiving the damage (which SHOULD be the MT and OT) and top people off who get hit by Axes and the small radius AOE rockets that are fired from the rocketeers.
It is likely you will pull aggro of Axethrowers injured by DPS, but the ranged damage they do is minor.

Should shoot directly at the Enemy Ship using the molten shot at approximately 95% to do max damage to the enemy ship, when mages arrive you will be frozen out of the cannons, until the mage is dead.


This fight is a competent skill check, Basically from the Enemy ship pulling alongside The MT Jumps, followed as closely as possible by the dps to blitz the Rocketeers, Axethrowers and Dps - then quickly return to the Ally ship followed closely for the tank. Then the mage will come out - where the tank will jump again followed by dps to nuke the mage > Rocketerers then return to kill adds on ally ship. Rinse and repeat whilst cannons DPS enemy ship down.

Heroic Mode
Rockets have a 7 Yard knockback
Mage has more HP
Enemy Gunship has more HP
Version: 3.1
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